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Ted Wulfers Cheap Liquor CD


Ted Wulfers Cheap Liquor CD

1. S.W.E.L.L.
2. She Bought Me A Drink
3. I Got Home Late
4. Lil' Wilma
5. Picture Perfect
6. She Takes Off The Ring
7. Fishnet Woman (The Wisconsin Song)
8. L.S.D. Survival Song

All Words, Music and Arrangements by Ted Wulfers
©2005 WheresMyMarlinMusic (SESAC)
Lyrics used by permission after self-begging for days

Ted Wulfers: Lead Vocals, 6 & 12-String Electric Guitars,
Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Hammond B-3 Organ, Harmonica,
Percussion, Backing Vocals
Jeff Kelly: Drums, Percussion
Matt Ciccone: Piano, Hammond B-3 Organ, Wurlitzer
Paul Allen: Bass
Aaron Weistrop: Electric Guitars
Mike Racky: Pedal Steel
L.P. Vocals on “I Got Home Late”
Manny Sanchez: Backing Vocals
L.P. Appeared courtesy of Light Switch Records
Produced by Ted Wulfers
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Manny Sanchez
Mastered by Richard Dodd
Recorded in Chicago, USA at Gravity Studios,
Chicago Recording Company, SOMA, The I.V. Lab and Schuba’s
Assistant Engineers at Gravity: Paul Long, Mark Berlin and Dan Wean
Interns: George Balogi, Pony, Erik Grant
Additional Engineering and Recording at SOMA and CRC by Mat Lejeune
Assisted by Tim Iseler
Additional Engineering and Recording at CRC by Chris Shepard and Todd Brody
Assisted by Eric Daul
Cover and Liner Note Design: Mike Vesper of Vesper Graphics
Photography by Jason Feldner, Diana Rein, Ted Wulfers

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